Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gain Visibility across Production

Manufacturing executives have many challenges optimizing performance while attaining corporate goals. In today’s economic environment, a significant reason for performance management is operating cost reduction while continuing to serve the customer. Aberdeen research has found that:

  • Best-in-Class manufacturers operate with 25% operation margin.
  • Best-in-Class manufacturers realize 19% increase in On-Time Delivery, a 21% increase in OEE, and a 22% increase in yield.
  • Best-in-Class manufacturers realize 97% Raw Material Yield.

Their research also found that:

  • Best-in-Class manufacturers are 65% more likely to standardize exception handling processes and procedures across manufacturing operations.
  • Best-in-Class manufacturers are 2 times more likely to enable continuous improvement teams with analytics and real time visibility.
  • Best-in-Class manufacturers are 4 times more likely to display operational data and metrics in real-time.

In order to achieve Best-in-Class performance, companies must focus on improving operations in the following ways:

  • Automate data collection across manufacturing operations and use this data to control production.
  • Provide role based visibility to information and establish automated workflows across manufacturing operations.
  • Invest in visualization and analytical technologies to gain visibility across all operations and improve decision making.