Monday, March 16, 2009

A Roadmap to Lean: Education and Training

In order for an organization to transform from its current state of operation to one of a Lean Enterprise Organization, a two phase approach – Planning and Implementation - can be utilized. The third step in the Planning phase is to address education and training regarding lean in the entire organization. In this step, we want to:

  • Identify “Gaps” in the Lean Education for Management
  • Document Cultural Change Objectives
  • Develop Lean Employee Education Curricula
  • Prepare Skills Matrix and Education Schedule

The goal here is to identify overall education needs for the entire organization which will include an overview of Lean concepts and the possibilities that exist. Another important area to include in this education is change management so that people understand up front some of the challenges they will be facing when making change happen. It is also important to include education about the transformation process itself so that everyone understands how this transformation process will be conducted and how they will be involved. Deliverables from this task will include:

  • Education Plan for the Entire Organization
  • Lean Education Session Materials
  • Lean Facilitator Notes
  • Delivery of “Lean” Education to Key Functional Leaders

Not all Lean educational needs of the organization will necessarily be met with this segment since each kaizen event in the implementation phase may need specific training in order to be successful. This topic specific training will be conducted at that time for those who will participate in the task. Instead, this education is necessary for the entire organization so that all who are to participate are on the same page and are going in the same direction with the same understanding. Once it is complete, participants will be able to understand the concepts and possibilities so that they can proceed to the next step of planning, Analyzing Opportunities.

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