Monday, November 3, 2008

Learning Plans Help Retain Key Employees

For quite some time, the idea of working for a single company for an entire career has been outdated with employees continually looking for opportunities that help them advance in their professional life. One of the keys to retaining good employees is to provide a learning environment where the employees can expand their knowledge base and nurture their career goals and aspirations.

According to Aberdeen Research, Best-in-Class companies:
  • Standardize the career planning and development process.
  • Have a “development” mindset within the organization.
  • Actively promote learning programs to those who can benefit.
  • Apply the learning mindset to non-managerial employees.

There are many educational sources that an organization can use to build and promote a learning program. Some of these sources include:

  • Professional society memberships, meetings and certifications.
  • Business and technical seminars and conferences.
  • Local educational institution programs such as a community college or university.
  • Private consultant companies with workforce training programs.
  • E-learning programs that include the internet, computer based learning, virtual classrooms and digital collaboration.

In order to be Best-in-Class, companies need to:

  • Apply the learning mindset to non-managerial employees.
  • Hold managers accountable for developing internal potential.
  • Define metrics that define and track educational performance.
  • Implement processes to promote learning and celebrate successes.

With a learning program that advances the knowledge of the employee, the company benefits due to the expanded knowledge of the workforce and the employees are more apt to stay put since there is a path for growth and progression.

Are you Best-in-Class?